BLUE BOMB Hydrating Gel Mask

BLUE BOMB Hydrating Gel Mask

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Need a mask that really works? Our soothing, cooling gel combined with Aloe and Azulene will soothe and reduce irritation.  

Additional ingredients of Lavender and Japanese Green Tea offer an immediate sensation of comforting freshness.

Your skin will be left deeply hydrated and appearing plump, refreshed and glowing. 

Size:  2 oz    Skin Types:

  •     Increases moisture retention
  •     Cools and refreshes
  •     Reduces appearance of fine lines
  •     Reduces irritation and redness
  •     Fights free radicals


Use 2–3 x’s weekly after thoroughly cleansing the skin. Apply all over face and neck, avoiding eye area. Allow 10 to 15 minutes to set. Remove with warm washcloth. This mask is very soothing for irritated and dehydrated skin due to sunburn, chemical peels and laser treatments.

Key ingredients

  • Aloe Vera Gel is known for its anesthetic, antibacterial and tissue restorative properties.
  • Azulene is a deep blue crystalline substance from the essential oil of matricaria and chamomile flowers. Known for its superior soothing properties.
  • Sodium Hyaluronte moisturizes, lubricates and soothes the skin.

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    Feel good Mask!

    I love this mask. I enjoy the sun and use this mask in the evening and keep it on during the night. It is soothing and helps hydrate the skin - great when you are dehydrated as well.

    Jessica Green
    Very relaxing

    It feels sooooo great on the skin especially after a Microderm, a chemical peel or even a stressful day. It’s hydrating, it calms the skin down, and very refreshing. I use every night in my skincare routine and I highly recommend to anyone.

    Ashleigh LaPorta
    Great mask

    Very healing and hydrating for dry skin and rough patches, gentle and soothing!

    Blue Bomb Hydro SPLASH

    Fantastic formul! I had not expected such a treat for my skin! After Exfoliating, I put this gel all over face and neck. This gel is like a waterbed your face gets to lay in. I would recommend to anyone looking for that EXTRA moisture for the skin!

    Blue Bomb Gel Mask

    Its heaven on your skin. It is great to use as a post treatment. It heals and moisturizes the skin. Every laser tech should know about this mask. Also great for both after-sun and for cold weather healing treatment.