Happy Customers

At Derma MD Skincare we believe 100% in our products and the services we offer, but we LOVE to share what our customers have to say about our products first hand. Read a handful of testimonials below.

Wasabi Products!

“I can’t say enough about the Wasabi Products! The entire kit works seamlessly. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft, rinses clean, removes my make-up and the scent is amazing. The Resurfacing Pads with the double sided texture are perfect for areas like my chin and nose, where I am constantly breaking out. The Resurfacing Gel is doing wonders for improving my skin’s texture and the Zit Zapper works miracles for my isolated breakouts! Since I’ve been using the Wasabi products my acne is no longer a problem and I have tried EVERYTHING. Believe me when I say Derma MD Clearifying Wasabi Line is the way to go! Seeing is believing.”

Enzyme Cleanser!

"I used the enzyme cleanser, and love it too. Pores are definitely smaller, skin feels fresh and clean and I have much less breakouts or blackheads. When I travel, the water overseas never seems to feel good on my skin but the enzyme cleanse helps tremendously. I have sensitive skin and this is the only facial cleanser I like to travel with...If it don't have it my skin looks a total mess, with the cleanser, my skin looks fresh an dehydrated. It works brilliantly! Thank you for now being able to purchase via the web!"

Wasabi Cleanser!

"I have been using the Wasabi Cleanser for over a year and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. Being in my 50's, I have oily skin and occasionally breakouts. The wasabi cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean by removing excel oil. The occasional breakouts are less and less".

Pink Silk!

"Just started using Pink Silk a few days ago. First of all, I love the actual feel of the product. It goes on super easy, is light and my face and neck are loving it. My face feels smoother and looks fresh. I have tried other serums before but this one is the best. Loving this product!”

Derma MD Skincare!

"Join thousands of women and men who have tried our Derma MD Skincare products and share your success story with us and others looking for skincare solutions. Send us your comments via email or post a product review on our site. Thank you! -- Derma MD Skincare."


“I am an esthetician.. Pink Silk is OMG!! Life to your skin. The improvement of my texture “I am I love”...SOFTNESS AND VITALITY.. it is a must”