If you follow any beauty influencers, you have probably heard of the term slugging.  People have actually been coating their faces in Vaseline for decades but now TikTok has given it a catchy name. 

But what is slugging and how can this popular skincare technique improve your complexion?

Slugging involves coating your face in a petroleum-based occlusive (usually Vaseline) to seal in moisture as the final part of your skincare routine at night. BUT does it have to be a petroleum-based product?  NOT Any occlusive product will work.  In fact, other products may give you the same or BETTER results without slathering your face that ends up looking slimy and shiny!

If you have dry, sensitive skin then slugging is a skincare technique that can help to prevent transdermal water loss to maintain moist, dewy skin. It can be transformative if you’ve battled with dry skin and are wondering if anything will ever make a difference.

Your slugging skincare routine.

Slugging is most effective when performed right before bedtime. This is because overnight your skin is hard at work repairing itself while you have your “beauty” sleep.


Here’s your slugging skincare routine:

Carry out your usual night-time skincare routine of gentle cleanser, then include a layer of glycerin or hyaluronic acid and moisturizer.

Take a small amount of Vaseline or other occlusive cream such as Derma MD Soy Moisturizer and spread it all over your skin using your fingertips.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep!

In the morning, use a gentle cleanserto remove any traces of your occlusive product of choice to reveal glowing, hydrated skin.

Tip: If using petroleum-based products - Cover your pillow with an old clean towel to prevent grease from transferring to your bed linen.


Benefits of slugging

Occlusives have many benefits for the skin, including locking in moisture and increasing the effectiveness of any products applied underneath.  Always use your “workhorse” products at night.  The active ingredients work best while the skin is at rest.

You should notice and feel your skin looking and feeling better even after just one night.

Which products are best for slugging?

Traditionally, Vaseline or Aquaphor are used for slugging, but any moisturizing creams that contain jojoba oil, aloe vera or shea butter will work wonders on dry skin.

Try slugging with Derma MD Soy Moisturizer for a deeply hydrating and nourishing slugging experience. Soy Moisturizer is an occlusive used for intense healing and moisturizing.  It is formulated with aloe vera, shea butter & soybean oil.  Just apply a thicker layer than you would normally and don’t fully rub it in.


How often should slugging be done?

Slugging frequency varies depending on your skin type. If you have very dry skin, slugging two or three times a week will give you a hydration boost.

However, if you have oily or acne prone skin, you may not be able to slug more than once or twice a month as the petroleum products do clog pores and may cause acne.  However, another occlusive product such as Soy Moisturizer can be used more frequently.


Is slugging for all skin types?

For those with very oily or acne-prone skin, slugging might not be for you with a petroleum-based product. Coating your face with heavy petroleum-based occlusives could trap impurities in the skin and cause irritation and breakouts.

Instead of Vaseline, apply a layer of hyaluronic acid and another occlusive product such as  Derma MD Soy Moisturizer that will nourish and hydrate your skin while you sleep – without the risk of a breakout.

Derma MD Skincare has all the products for ALL SKIN types SLUGGING skincare routine.  For optimum hydration when slugging your skin, choose a gentle cleanser  (Derma MD Enzyme Cleanser), 100% Hyaluronic Acid (Derma MD Hydro Boost) Moisturizer (Derma MD Copper Co Enzyme Q10) and occlusive for final layer (Derma MD Soy Moisturizer) with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & Soy Bean Oil.

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