First big trend on everyone wanting big, sexy lips...ANGELINA JOLIE! 

Her beautiful, voluptuous, sexy lips made us all wonder how she does it...Injectables?  


Wonderful Nature gave her those LIPS...On the other hand, how many of us are born that lucky?  Not Many.  We saw lips that looked like blow fish, the joker, and many more I choose not to describe when injectables first became popular.  But having those large full lips came at a large cost, and sometimes with pain, along with some very unhappy patients if they did not get results expected!

So now we moved into the next new trend which is LIP plumpers...A topical product that can actually build volume without injectables, no pain, and no large cost.  Here in-lies the reason why Derma MD formulated Glamur LIP Plumper!

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So how does Glamur LIP Plumper work?  Formulated with hyaluronic acid micro-spheres to increase hydration and volume immediately! Niacin boosts micro-circulation, increasing fullness and color.    Derma MD wanted to take it a step further buy actually incorporating a unique peptide to build lip volume on-going.  So this also helps the Lips regain the fullness lost over time.  Retinyl Palmitate will exfoliate and increase cell turnover, leaving lips soft and hydrated.  Retinyl Palmitate is also found to promote new collagen Used daily, the ugly LIP lines will appear less noticeable as the lip begins to build more volume.  

Glamur LIP plumper has been used by many physicians to provide longevity to LIP augmentation, and  our product helps maintain the hydration that lips need to be supple, soft and sensual.    

So if you're looking for the LIP plumper, used my famous makeup artists and wanting one that is result oriented without high cost and irritation,  Glamur LIP is the right one for you!

Seven Beautiful Shades to choose from...Result Oriented & Affordable!  You can view all colors at

              "This is more than a LIP plumper...this is a LIP care treatment + Plumping Effects...All-N-One"

Directions:  Apply onto lips, minimum twice daily.  Can be used alone or on top of your own lipstick.  For quicker results,  apply glamur LIP plump onto clean dry lips at bedtime in addition to using throughout the day.  This is more than a plumper, this is a LIP care treatment!   

Please feel free to email me directly at sheila@dermamdskincare.comregarding any questions you may have about your own skincare regime, product ingredients, and or any concerns regarding your skin.




  Sheila Malmanis, L.E.



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