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How You Can Use the Power of Retinols to Improve Your Skin

Understanding Retinols

There is much confusion when discussing a Retinol (vitamin A derivative) versus Retinoids or Retin A® (tretinoin). To have a better understaning, Retin A® is prescription only, and both the Retin A® and other derivatives of Vitamin A have been shown to have significant positive effects on the skin. Derma MD® incorporates both retinols and retinyl palmitate, which are considered over-the-counter and do not need to be prescribed by a physician or R.N.

The difference between Retin A® and retinol or retinyl palmitate is that the latter two must convert to retinoic acid to actually...

Skincare Doesn't Stop at the Chin! Caring for your Neck and Dècolletè with Derma MD

Skincare Doesn't Stop at the Chin! Caring for your Neck and Dècolletè with Derma MD

Skincare Doesn't Stop at the Chin!

You take great care of your skin.  You slather on serums and creams full of active ingredients.  Your skin looks fresh, hydrated, vibrant and uplifted.

But are you forgetting about your neck and dècolletè?

The delicate skin on your neck and dècolletè (French for your chest and shoulders) is exposed to the same elements as your facial skin every single day and can begin to show its...

Evolution of Peptides - As Seen In Healthy Aging Magazine

Peptides are changing the way we take care of patients. Learn about the newer ingredients and their uses. When recommending anti-aging creams and lotions to patients, you likely have run across a number of peptide ingredients. These elements of human cells have led to a new class of products for skin care professionals. They are made from amino acids, which are essential building blocks of life. Peptides provide smaller protein molecular chains which are able to penetrate the skin. Chemists are able to synthesize these chains for specific functions, such as stimulating collagen or fighting off environmental insults. This overview...

Power of Vitamin C for Skin

Two scientific terms that have become unavoidable are free radicals and antioxidants. These are now understood to be crucial issues in the health and beauty of one's skin.

There are different types of vitamin C, both lipid (fat), such as Ascorbyl Palmitate and water soluble, such as L-ascorbic acid. L-Ascorbic Acid, one of the most common forms of Vitamin C used in skincare products, is water-soluble, and is easily absorbed by the skin.

Vitamin C continues to be recognized for its abilities to slow down the process of free radical damage. Free radicals are molecules that can cause collagen degradation...


First big trend on everyone wanting big, sexy lips...ANGELINA JOLIE! 

Her beautiful, voluptuous, sexy lips made us all wonder how she does it...Injectables?  


Wonderful Nature gave her those LIPS...On the other hand, how many of us are born that lucky?  Not Many.  We saw lips that looked like blow fish, the joker, and many more I choose not to describe when injectables first became popular.  But having those large full lips came at a large cost, and sometimes with pain, along with some very unhappy patients if they did not get results expected!

So now we moved into the next new trend which...

Peptides for younger looking eyes!

Beautiful eyes like Elizabeth Taylor…is what we all desire!

We may not all be able to look like Elizabeth Taylor, but we can maintain our youthful appearance and have younger looking eyes!

As a woman of maturity, I know that eyes are a major concern for all of us.  They are one of the first areas that show age, right along with our hands and neck. 

Prior to starting the development of eye products, I wanted to make certain they each would contain key ingredients such as  Matrixyl 3000, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3, Haloxyl and Eyeliss.  These types of peptides are very significant to address specific conditions...