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Pink Silk Trio :Serum Eye and Mask

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Love the Pink Silk Face Firming Rejuvenator Serum?  Now you can have all the compliments added.  Check out our new Pink Silk Firming Eye Gel and finish with our Pink Silk Face Firming Mask.  If you never tried our pink silk, this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to our # 1 seller, now with its complimented products...a complete group for anti-aging with a slight discount.


  • Serum - protects, hydrates, moisturizes , reduce redness          (1.5 oz)
  • Eye - reduce puffiness, reduce fine lines, improve hydration     (0.5 oz)
  • Mask - firms, tones, brightens, provides younger looking skin  (2 oz)

To see complete directions and ingredients, check out each product individually.

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Michelle Smith
Derma MD

I am new to Pink Silk, and I’m in LOVE! Our family likes to try new products, my nephew Gio is an aesthetician and introduced us to Derma MD. I love the wasabi face wash and we have used a few bottles of Hydro Boost.
I started checking out other products from this company. We love pink silk! I am Italian and have very greasy/combo skin, I also have breakouts so I’m picky about what I use. First impression, I was a little nervous. It felt oily at first, and my instincts were screaming to wash it off. I’m so glad I didn’t, my skin feels wonderful. Even my 22 year old with bad breakouts started to panic because his skin looks awesome and we were getting low! So I tried the trio, I did wasabi wash, pink silk mask, followed by pink silk serum and pink silk eye serum. I felt and could see the benefits right away. My skin wasn’t as red and angry, it was soft not greasy to the touch, firmer, and it looked and felt hydrated. I highly recommended these products.

J Deb

I have been using pink silk for awhile and love it, so I decided to try this trio. I was amazed how smooth my face was the first time I used the mask and the eye cream. It is not often that I can see a difference after one use of a product.

My face was smoother, firmer and tighter- and I am a 60+ year-old, fair-skinned woman. Taking care of my skin is a necessity.