"Rosacea 2-Step Kit"

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  • "Rosacea 2-Step Kit"
  • "Rosacea 2-Step Kit"

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Ingredients in these two products of copper and the marine algae (astaxanthin) potent antioxidant from Hawaiian waters, are found to work synergistically to reduce redness, inflammation, lines, wrinkles, protect from damaging rays, as they improve collagen levels, providing firmer, tighter, younger, more luminous looking skin. Used daily the skin will appear less red, and distended capillaries less noticeable.  Always apply Ultra Shield Creamy Moisturizer SPF 30.  NOTE:  Rosacea triggers from the sun rays which causes inflammation.  Always use sun protectant in the daytime. 


Skin Types: Rosacea, Ruddy Skin (red)


  • Reduce Redness
  • Improve appearance of texture
  • Reduce appearance of lines & wrinkles
  • Reduce appearance of distended capillaries
  • Nourishes & hydrates

Key Ingredients


Review each product individually for complete ingredient deck.


Apply 1-2 pumps of  Copper , Pink Silk twice daily.  Apply SPF 30 in the am.