COUGAR™ Hydra~Boost Body Cream

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GLOW BABY GLOW is an innovative proprietary formulation developed to increase moisture retention, restore skin’s elasticity, improve rough dry areas and improve collagen production.  Formulated  for body area, not face or eyes.  

Size:  4 oz



  • Increased moisture retention
  • Improved elasticity, firmer skin
  • Softer, smoother, supple skin
  • Reduce appearance creppy skin
  • Increased collagen production


How to Use

Massage liberally over all areas of body, including hands, arms and other areas that need conditioning and softening, or where you desire to improve the appearance of aging skin. Allow to absorb. Best results when used twice daily. Excellent used on broken fissure and calluses sometimes found with extreme workouts when not using gloves to protect the skin.  Recommended for all skin types, including sensitive.


Key Ingredients

Apricot Kernel Oil (prunus armeniaca): Often used as a carrier due to its ability to be readily absorbed into the skin without leaving oily residue.  Excellent for dry skin. Contains the essential fatty acids of oleic acids and linoleic acid. High in vitamins A and E. Soothes irritated skin while moisturizing.

Algae Extract:  Active substance used to normalize the skin’s moisture content and provide suppleness to the epidermis. Increases hydration and has excellent moisturizing properties.

Copper, Magnesium, Calcium & Zinc:  Allows for prompt skin penetration due to its low molecular weight. Helps to support skin repair, skin tightening and protection against UV damage.

Ceramides 3; 6; 1: Increases moisture retention

Hyaluronic Acid – Increases moisture retention, providing a more hydrated and supple skin texture.

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