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Many skin care companies base their entire line around one or two active ingredients, and usually have a specific type of skin they are trying to correct. For example, pigmentation, rosacea, acne, or fine lines and wrinkles. This is a great idea if you are treating only one type of skin!

Everyones’s skin type is different and so are their issues and needs. For a LINE to be effective, it must have several ACTIVE INGREDIENTS to provide all the following: deep pore cleanse, moisturizing and hydrating to maintain and increase moisture, antioxidants to protect from free radical damage, peptides to build new collagen, vitamins and mineral to feed and nourish, exfoliating and rejuvenating ingredients to increase cellular turnover and improve texture and skin tone, as well as an array of specialty ingredients to target specific needs or issues. Derma MD Skincare contains them all.

Many skin care companies also have a tendency to bring out many lines of products to identify skin types, yet truth be known, this is strictly for increasing their sales revenue. This will happen as a new technological ingredient surfaces.

When incorporating the appropriate ingredients into a line of skin care, the majority of them can be used for all skin types, whether it be normal, dry or oily. What is found with most companies, due to not wanting to disturb their existing line, they will incorporate an entirely new line of products, with additives of one or more new ingredients instead of incorporating the same new ingredients into an existing formula to improve upon it. This definitely confuses the consumer, costs more money and in the end the results are no more superior.

When we are addressing a specific skin condition, we need to produce products with therapeutic type of ingredients to target the problem. For example, acne -- we need to have more ingredients that will target acne P bacteria. For Rosacea -- we need to have antioxidants and ingredients that will reduce inflammation, and for pigmentation problems, we incorporate potent lightening and melanin inhibitor agents.

What is important? How the ingredients are delivered and the percentages used provide satisfying results.

You can be rest assured when purchasing Derma MD Skincare products, what is in the package is the newest proven ingredients available for that finished product with the highest concentration level of percentages allowed to provide our customers RESULTS.